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2018 Integrated Play Groups (IPG) Launch

Nina Korosec and Tina Rehberger

Ljubljana - Slovenia

Delo - Slovenian News (June 2018) Seveda si želijo družbe vrstnikov, a tega ne znajo pokazati (translation: Of course [children on the autism spectrum] want the company of peers, they just do not show it [like other children] - Interview with Pamela Wolfberg about autism and the IPG Model
Written by Maja Čakarić


Special thanks to Tina Rehberger & Nina Korosec for hosting the Integrated Play Groups training...


utism Language and Learning in Inclusive Educational Settings

San Francisco State University professors,
Pamela Wolfberg, Ph.D. & Betty Yu, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
launch a $1.25 million U.S. Department of Education grant focused on interdisciplinary preparation of Speech-Language and Special Education professionals to support diverse learners on the autism spectrum... click here to learn more

Peer-reviewed large-scale study on Integrated Play Groups published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
2015 JADD article in print - click here
Autism Speaks news story - click here
SF State news story - click here

Dr. Pamela Wolfberg: Social Inclusion for Kids on the Autism Spectrum
The Autism Show Episode 16 Podcast- http://autismshow.org/pamela/
December, 2014

SFSU News (October 27, 2014) 'Integrated Play Groups' help children with autism --Jonathan Morales http://news.sfsu.edu/integrated-play-groups-help-children-autism

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Niños con autismo pueden mejorar comunicación, dice Pamela Wolfberg, experta en el tema
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"Play" Plays an Important Role in Growth and Development of Kids with Autism
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March 25, 2013
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The Rotary Club of San Jose is building a 4.1-acre play area that will be accessible to all, regardless of age or abilities
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Dr. Pamela Wolfberg to Speak on Social Autism Research at International Autism Conference
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New Approach to Teaching Children with Autism Earns Federal Backing:
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Integrated Play GroupsTM Now a Worldwide Movement
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Funding addresses special education crises by Denize Springer
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Current views on autism, interview by anchor, Anne Notorangelo
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Students, faculty raise money for autism research by Christina Holmes
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