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IPG Model


Integrated Play Groups® (IPG) Model Training Series

Offering access to the IPG model
as a viable evidence-based educational and therapeutic
service option in diverse communities

Our training series offers preparation for a wide range of participants to gain knowledge and skill in the design and implementation of high quality IPG model programs in a variety of natural settings. To meet the ever-increasing demand for IPG programs, we now offer 3 levels of preparation (entry, master, supervisor) while concurrently providing services for children with autism in collaboration with families.

All of our training is by invitation, offered to schools, therapy clinics, university and medical centers, parent-professional groups and other established agencies including government and non-government organizations around the world. Training may be arranged in person and online via the Internet. To make a request, contact info@autismcollective.org

Graduates of the entry, master and supervisor training are afforded the opportunity to join our international collaborative of IPG Providers at respective levels.The following includes brief descriptions with details of our featured training options:

Initial IPG Seminar
This 1-day session provides a basic introduction to the principles and practices of the IPG model. For more details, click here

Entry-Level IPG Guide Workshop
This level of preparation provides foundational training in a 2-day format. Graduates meet basic level competencies to be qualified to facilitate IPG sessions with direct supervision from a designated IPG Master Guide or Field Supervisor and may quality to advance to the next level (see below). For more details, contact info@autismcollective.org

IPG Master Guide Apprenticeship
This intensive, field-based apprenticeship prepares candidates with knowledge and skill to facilitate IPG sessions with fidelity. Apprentices receive training and supervision while implementing 12-week IPG sessions with children in collaboratiion with families. Graduates meet competencies to be qualified to deliver IPG programs in respective sites and may qualify to advance to the next level. For more details, contact info@autismcollective.org

IPG Field Supervisor Mentorship
This preparation is offered in a single, 15-week semester to prepare experienced IPG Master Guides with an advanced level of knowledge and skill to supervise others in meeting their competencies to facilitate IPG sessions with fidelity. During the training, mentees gain experience by supervising entry-level IPG Guides while implementing IPG interventions in respective sites. For more details, contact info@autismcollective.org

IPG Trainer Mentorship (coming soon...)

We additionally offer Specialized Seminars with the following partners

To host a training or obtain additional information, contact info@wolfberg.com


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