Autism Shelter-and-Play Project

The Autism Shelter-and-Play (ASAP) Project is dedicated to sharing accessible resources for engaging diverse learners on the autism spectrum in joyful and creative social experiences. ASAP originated in March 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in response to the need to support autistic individuals and their families while sheltering-in-place. To address this need, Professor Pamela Wolfberg redesigned her class assignments in an undergraduate course (Autism in the Contemporary World) and graduate course (Socialization and Imagination: Autism) which are offered as a part of Autism Spectrum Studies at San Francisco State University. Students initially engaged in social action projects to produce online resources. As life returns to the "new normal," student projects have extended beyond the virtual platform. These efforts have resulted in a growing collection of creative and meaningful resources. The Autism Collective offers a central place for families, professionals, and autistic individuals and their allies to access theses collected works.

Engaging Activities for Diverse Ages

Solutions Interactive Play (Early Childhood)-Rhiannon Burns, Maria Davila, Corina De Leon & Julianna

Let’s Go to the Beach: Resource of Fun Activities (Early Childhood)-David Hernandez, Bridget Mccarron, Dionne Meehleib & Alyssa Smith

Puppet use in Inclusive Preschool Education (Early Childhood)-Amanda Carney, Daniel Gill & Noelle Wilder (see also Puppet Hub & Amanda’s)

Yoga, Art and Storytime Online Resources (Early Childhood)-Jessica Campos-Ruiz, Dominique Ortesi, Rebecca Ramirez, Ellie Sabourian, Leanna Saelaw & Erica Sandoval

Integrated Play Groups (IPG) Infographic for SIP (Elementary)-Brittany Castellucio & Jennifer Smith

Integrated Play Groups with Project ALLIES-Shelby Rice & Alexa Smith

Nature and Outdoor Adventures (Elementary)-Kelsey Garcia, Liana Gonzales, Ignacio Ojeda, Ayaila Sims, Jasmine Vaca & Samantha Woo

Making Art through Music (Elementary)-Lorena Carmona, Tatania Garcia-Llanes, Sydney Lockhart, Sango Nozawa-Auclair, Isabella Ojeda &. Samantha Tabor

Introducing Autism in Inclusive-Classrooms: Lesson Plan (Elementary)-Jamie Lee & Caro Liemola

Board Game Club (Secondary)-Diana Villa-Brewer

IPG Lunchtime Crew (Secondary)-Justina Eskaf, Katrina Japson, Allie Kernan-Penaloza & Norma Torres

Fun At Home – Assorted Activities (Secondary)-Reid Ashbaugh

Cooking Activities while Sheltering in Place (all ages)-Kate Waffner

Shelter and Role Play (All ages)-Michelle Kwong, Angelina Lee, Jessica Moffett, Nina Lo Schiavo, & Gabi Rothman

Learning About Autism Across Cultures and Contexts

你好,自闭症 Hello, Autism: Addressing Autism in China-Xuemei Ye

Autistic Allies and Autism Demystification-Meagan Rose Baron, Anna Bowerman, Courtney Holton, Suttera Samonte & Nicolett Vargas

What is Autism Demystification? @autismmystification-Asha Giles, Alisa Lego & Samantha Lin

LGBTQ + ND: Autism and Intersectionality-Mark Solryk-Almanza

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Social inclusion, play and creative expression are universal human rights