Global Outreach

As human rights advocates, we are actively engaged in global outreach (IPG-GO!), especially to underserved groups where access to support and services is limited. Our focus is on raising awareness and working with specialists, families, and autistic adults in local communities to advance opportunities for social inclusion, play and creative expression in culturally valued experiences. Our efforts include providing learning opportunities and engaging in educational exchange with universities, medical centers, schools, NGO/non-profit and government agencies at the local, national, and international levels. Given the universal nature of play, translations and adaptations of the IPG model’s principles and practices have been naturally adopted by many cultural communities around the world.

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Meru North Disability Community Centre, Kenya created a heartwarming program adapted from the IPG model.
EmbraceKulture,Uganda is an NGO engaged in outreach to foster awareness & inclusion in local communities.


The IPG model has been introduced to many communities in Asia - Bangladesh - China - India - Indonesia - Korea - Malaysia - Philippines - Singapore - Taiwan - Thailand. Here are some highlights:

Autism Recovery Network - ARN (Hong Kong/Singapore) offers IPG programs carried out by Jasmin Camata Sharma, a most amazing IPG Guide
Permata di Malaysia sponsored IPG model training, which led to initiating school & community based programs in Kuala Lumpur @bemyfriendplaygroup


There have been wonderful collaborations involving educational exchange, training, research and writing projects in many parts of Europe...Belgium - Denmark - France - Germany - Holland - Ireland - Portugal - Slovenia - Sweden - United Kingdom (England, Scotland). Here are highlights:

IPG programs were launched in Ljubljana, Slovenia   with training & programs hosted and led by the dynamic duo Tina Rehberger (psychologist) Nina Korošec (educator) @zavodtosemjaz /  Delo novinski članek
University of Rostock, Germany partnered with SFSU to develop  Integrated Theatre/Drama Groups initiated by Henri Julius, Adriana Schuler, Pamela Wolfberg, led by David Neufeld & Ina Jahnke

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Social inclusion, play and creative expression are universal human rights