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Peer-reviewed large-scale study on
Integrated Play Groups published
in the
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
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Advancing the rights of individuals on the autism spectrum to derive the joy and benefits of social inclusion in play, recreation and cultural experiences

The Autism Insitute on Peer Socialization and Play is an independent collective focused on Integrated Play Groups® (IPG) model training, research and global outreach efforts to establish peer socialization programs worldwide. The IPG model (originated by Pamela Wolfberg, PhD) is an evidence-based practice* designed to provide intensive guidance for children on the autism spectrum to engage with typical peers/siblings in mutually enjoyed play experiences. Extensions of the IPG model include drama, dance, yoga, visual arts, multi-media arts, and other culturally valued activities that are of high interest for various age groups.

Based on award-winning research, the IPG model has shown benefits for children with autism and typical peers representing diverse ages, abilities, socioeconomic groups, languages and cultures.

IPG providers include a collective of highly qualified professionals who are devoted to crafting specialized programs for children with families to enhance full participation in social, cultural and quality of life experiences.


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